Luglio 1, 2021
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Rapsody of Revolt: 19 years of SupportoLegale +1

sostienimi tramite buonacausa.orgSummer 2001: history makes its way through the streets of Genoa.
Summer 2004: among the bits and pieces of what Genoa days had represented SupportoLegale story begins.
Back in 2004 Genoa Legal Forum legal office asks Italy Indymedia network to help out in reviewing, sorting, analysing and organising the huge amount of video, photo, audio, written documents involved in the building up of the court cases connected to the events of Genoa G8 protests.

A wide and mixed up group of media-activists and comrades takes up on the project but they soon discover that matching Indymedia slow and participative decision-making processes with the needs of quick and twisting turns of the court cases is a hardous task. The group becomes skinnier and skinnier until during a very long-thought and wearying Indymedia meeting, SupportoLegale is born as an autonomous project to specifically work on the Genoa G8 court cases and on the solidarity actions connected to those cases.

SupportoLegale history is a kind of rapsody snaking its way at first through years of work in law courts and justice halls both as consultants of the Genoa Legal Forum lawyers and as activists coordinating the fund raising, communication and information effort on what is happening during the trials. But soon SupportoLegale grows and is involved in other court cases not necessarily connected to Genoa if not for a small thread made of repression by the State. When the G8 cases come to a conclusion convicting 10 people to more than 100 years of jail, SupportoLegale decide to focus on the convicted activists economical and political support.

SupportoLegale organizes fund-raising events and concerts, produces t-shirts, books, comics, music cds and uses up all the resources it can to get people attention from slipping away from what Genoa G8 protests meant and what their legal follow-ups had been.

In 2007 SupportoLegale calls for a big demo in Genoa to counter the 100 years conviction of fellow comrades and 100.000 people group behind our banner: NO REMORSE.

And now we are here. 19 years have passed. One more and it makes 20.
Thousands of voices, events, words, opinions and histories will crowd this anniversary. Many of those will be very far from what we would like to hear or see.

But it’s time for SupportoLegale to draw to a close and we won’t go without having our say: we are preparing a documentary movie, a new comics anthology, a graphic poster as well as contributing to  Zapruder magazine Genoa anniversary issue. This is our last effort to have everyone remember that memory is a collective tool that needs to be constantly fueled and tuned.