Maggio 25, 2021
Da Pensieri Scomodi
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From: @bellapersonaa
To: @SandboxBear
Way to block, Bear. Thanks. It’s kind of annoying.
I don’t think you handle criticism too well
The confrontation is another player of levels unknown, all that is needed is to access the Internet.
If you continue like this, you’re a bad influence on Twitter. Young people, they look up to you: “Wooho, She is an expert programmer, She works for the Microsoft..I want to be like her! I’ve had a go at that”.
Remember Bear, the influenceable persons can be too much easily
conditionable and, who is influenceable is dangerous, usually.
I know. I said some very harsh things, that’s true.
I said some real judgy things. But the real question is
– I don’t mean that as a joke;
– I don’t mean that as a sheer envy;
– I don’t mean that as a joke wickedness.
You don’t even appreciate the fact
that someone tooks the time for you..
Believe it or not, there are not a lot of things as horrible as being ignored and unnoticed.
So why don’t you fix your problem? C’mon, your life is not a fu****g Holocaust.
To understand and value freedom, we must always be aware that there are other, much worse alternatives.
I recommend you read “The Diary of a Young Girl”. It is not spoken of computer security, sorry.
Take care not to cut too deeply. Cut a good cake with a friend or with the best part of you.
Polar bears on the verge of extinction,  they have no particular desire to die like you.
It would be a slap in the face to polar bears.
Don’t hurt yourself. Don’t do auto extinction.
Life is like a code, so when you have a moment rewrite it!